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About me …

I live in the Tustin Hills in Southern California. I have discovered that art is uplifting and even regenerative – works of beauty inspire all of us to see the best in the world, and look for more. This inspires us to create – sometimes by making the world more beautiful through art, sometimes by making the world a better place by seeing the potential in others, and working to make our earth a better place for all of us.


About jewelry … 

I create jewelry so I can express my joy and wonder. Even though I am also a writer, I find that art is a different language that speaks to a different place in our souls. I love chaos and energy and spontaneity and joy and I love that my art gives me the opportunity to share that with others. I also think that our wearable art serves as little devices calling out to other members of our tribes so we can find each other and get all excited about our kindred soul connection. Sort of like a secret handshake, only more fun.

About my classes and retreats ..

I am a teacher. Helping students find their voice in their art is my joy.


About my photos … 

My jewelry is photographed by Doug Yaple




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